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What Are the Reasons to Impeach a Texas Governor No Crime Necessary to Impeach a Texas Governor – It is an “at will” of the legislature et all “the people”Representatives, which must cast a majority vote in favor of impeachment. Such a vote amounts to bringing formal charges against a governor. The Texas Constitution, however, does not provide any specific grounds for impeachment, leaving such judgments in the hands of the Legislature. Michael Steenbergen Source:Texas Politics UT Austin

Impeach Gov Rick Perry of Texas - pol adv paid by Generationist Political Action Committee & not authorized by any candidate or committee - GenPAC TX ID #00068154

Outline of Articles of Impeachment for Texas Governor Rick Perry

Texas Governor James Richard “Rick” Perry

Twelve (12) Articles of Impeachment in Three (3) Categories


  1. Federal and constitutional obstruction
    1. Contraception and Women’s Health Rights
    2.  Planned Parenthood and Women’s Health Funding Cuts
    3. Medicaid Refusal and AHCA Obstruction
    4. Voter ID Laws and Disenfranchisement of Voters
    5. Redistricting and Voting Rights Act
    6. Secessionist actions and statements


  1. Stewardship against the general welfare
    1. Tax Program of 2006
    2. Spending Cuts to Education
    3. Trans Texas Corridor and Eminent Domain Seizures


  1. Unlawful personal enrichment
    1. Perry Homes, Construction Industry and Real Estate Dealings
    2. Merck Pharmaceuticals and HPV Forced Vaccine on Young Women
    3. Personal Largesse,
  1.                                                                i.      Home rental funds abuse
  2.                                                              ii.      Presidential campaign

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