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What Are the Reasons to Impeach a Texas Governor No Crime Necessary to Impeach a Texas Governor – It is an “at will” of the legislature et all “the people”Representatives, which must cast a majority vote in favor of impeachment. Such a vote amounts to bringing formal charges against a governor. The Texas Constitution, however, does not provide any specific grounds for impeachment, leaving such judgments in the hands of the Legislature. Michael Steenbergen Source:Texas Politics UT Austin

Impeach Gov Rick Perry of Texas - pol adv paid by Generationist Political Action Committee & not authorized by any candidate or committee - GenPAC TX ID #00068154

Articles of Impeachment against Governor Rick Perry of Texas: Article Two


In his conduct of the office of Governor of the State of Texas of the United States, James Richard “Rick” Perry, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of Governor of the State of Texas of the United States and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitutions of the State and the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed, has prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice, and proper administration of State affairs in that:

On May 15, 2006, James Richard “Rick” Perry, Governor of Texas, received a letter from Texas State Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn advising him his 2006 tax plan was irresponsible and contained oppressive unconstitutional provisions.  She warned Perry that “At best, your plan is a prelude to another huge tax bill in the next regular session, one that will not only be heaped on Texas businesses but will fall heavily on the same taxpayers you claim to be helping now. At worst, it will relegate Texans to Draconian cuts in critical areas like education and health care for at least a generation. This is not a victory for taxpayers. It is a sham, and Texans will see it for what it is.”* With total knowledge of his actions, Governor Perry continued with his own office’s oppressive tax plan despite its constitutional issues or the harm it was to cause to the general public and welfare as the foreseen severe cuts to educational and health care spending occurred.  The deficit turned out to be $27 billion and Texas public education (already 44th in spending in the nation) was slashed by $4 billion in the summer 2011 legislative session.**

In all of this, James Richard “Rick” Perry has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as Governor of Texas by forcing a tax plan that literally robbed the poor to provide for the rich through unprecedented cronyism, favoritism for special interests and has acted in a manner subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the State of Texas of the United States.

Wherefore James Richard “Rick” Perry, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office.


* Source:  Letter from Carole Keeton Strayhorn, Texas Comptroller attachment Article Two 001

** Source:

“Article Two” prepared by the Generation Party Democratic Caucus of Texas





Attachment Article Two 001

Letter from Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn to Governor Rick Perry regarding the Perry Tax Plan

May 15, 2006

The Honorable Rick Perry
Governor, State of Texas
Capitol Building, Room 2S.1
Austin, Texas 78701

Dear Governor Perry:

The Legislature is concluding its work on your tax plan. Your plan is fiscally irresponsible — it includes an unconstitutional income tax on partnerships and unincorporated associations, the largest tax increase in Texas history and leaves the largest hot check in Texas history. What you should do is show true leadership and veto this legislation.

As the state’s chief fiscal officer, it is my responsibility to spell out exactly what the Perry Tax Plan means to our state’s fiscal integrity. As you have known since it was made public, your plan simply does not pay for itself. As of this moment, this legislation is a staggering $23 billion short of the funds needed to pay for the promised property tax cuts over the next five years.

In 2007, your plan is $3.4 billion short; in 2008 it is $4.3 billion short; in 2009 it is $5.4 billion short; in 2010 it is $4.9 billion short; and in 2011 it is $5 billion short. These are conservative estimates.

At best, your plan is a prelude to another huge tax bill in the next regular session, one that will not only be heaped on Texas businesses but will fall heavily on the same taxpayers you claim to be helping now. At worst, it will relegate Texans to Draconian cuts in critical areas like education and health care for at least a generation. This is not a victory for taxpayers. It is a sham, and Texans will see it for what it is.

There is no economic miracle that will close the gap your plan creates. Even if every single dollar of the current $8.2 billion surplus was poured into the plan, it would not cover the plan’s costs for more than two years, 2007 and 2008. The gap is going to continue to grow, year by year. There are only two ways to close a chasm of that magnitude — future tax increases that you are hiding from Texans now or massive cuts in essential state services — like public education — already devastated by your past fiscal indifference.

I have outlined $7.7 billion in long-term “Strayhorn Solutions” to finance needed programs, such as a significant teacher pay raise, real property tax cuts and fully restoring the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Those solutions include reinstating e-Texas Performance Reviews and the Texas School Performance Reviews to the Texas Comptroller’s office, implementing video lottery terminals, closing corporate loopholes in the franchise tax, eliminating the taxpayer-funded Texas Enterprise Fund and Emerging Technology Fund, and a $1-a-pack increase in the cigarette tax tied to vital health-related programs.

Texans deserve relief from high property taxes, but they do not need it at the expense of future tax hikes and more cuts in public education. Educators are justifiably skeptical of this program because they know that when the state controls the purse strings, rather than locally elected school boards, the result will be devastating to our schools.

The property tax relief contained in the bill, if it can be financed past 2008, will be quickly eroded by rising property values, and increases in local tax rates forced on local school districts struggling to keep up with rising costs. In as little as five years, the state could be right back in court.

Finally, your plan represents the largest tax bill in Texas history, includes an unconstitutional income tax, represents a 200 percent tax increase on Texas businesses at a time when the state has taken an $8.2 billion surplus out of the pockets of hardworking Texans, and does not pay for itself as required by the spirit of our Texas Constitution’s “pay-as-you-go, no-deficit-spending” provision. That is unconscionable.

Governor, we should be working to improve state services for Texans and to reduce the burden of government on businesses and individuals. This plan creates a rolling mess that will take 20 years for future leaders of the state to untangle. Texans will recognize this plan for what it is — a short-term, smoke-and-mirrors patch at best.

I urge you to show true leadership and veto this legislation. Texas needs a school finance plan that provides long-term, pay-as-you-go solutions for education.

Carole Keeton Strayhorn,
Texas Comptroller
c: The Honorable David Dewhurst, Lieutenant Governor
The Honorable Thomas R. Craddick, Speaker of the House
Members of the 79th Legislature


5 comments to Articles of Impeachment against Governor Rick Perry of Texas: Article Two

  • Michael Therrien

    Hey I was more than a little confused when I was presented your web page. I am no fan of Rick Perry. However your headline really confused me. This isn’t an actual Motion…it is a petition to BRING a Motion. Texas does not have a congress…they have a Legislature. My partner and myself rattled this around for about an hour before we realized what you were doing. Not that its a bad thing, but the way it is being presented almost appears like a member of the legislature has already brought the action to the Floor of the Texas House. Thus My confusion I can assure you if you are successful in getting these or similar articles presented by a member of the legislature the whole country is going to know about it. Rather quickly I should think.
    You also may want to give a better description of your PAC. I did note you had filed one. You did a great job putting together the principle issues you feel are worthy to be considered for impeachment. from a political perspective the legislature being controlled by the Republicans I think its an uphill battle. but,I did forward it to a member in the Texas House that I know personally. I will put it into the hands of a few others that might help too.

    • michael

      Actually we are drafting the motions and in contact with legislators to present it at the current time. We have reached out to the Whip and House Caucus Leader. The title Motion .. I am an ex debater. This is parliamentary procedure in action. We are serious is what we are implying and I will clarify the image further on your advice. I would like to talk further. I am Michel Steenbergen nd will email you.

    • michael

      We know the procedure and majorities so we can not get a victory, but we want it read if at all possible. That is all, read into the record….

  • 1. State Sponsored Voter Fraud by Remote Electronic Device, Increased The Count for The Texas “Republican House” Super Majority
    2. Texas Fusion Centers Known As “Governor Rick Perry’s Command And Control Centers” Red State Communism
    3. State Use of Deadly Force by Aircraft, Aerospace, Satellite, Tower or Victor* any Victor (2 shot dead in November Fleeing The Deadly
    4. State Human Experimentation Biological and Electromagnetically (Can be Seen By Mortality Rate Spike 2001-2004 Across the U.S.A)
    5. State Sponsored Human Trafficking of the Disabled across State Lines To Slave Farms
    6. State Sponsored Drug and Arms Trafficking going on for a decade – Well before Fast and Furious was ever conceived (Innocent People
    Still Being Held In Texas Prison, 3% Executed are Innocent)
    7. State Pluralistic Application of Law (White Supremacy Murder Squad go undetected by the same Texas Domestic Surveillance System
    designed for incumbents to hold power)
    8. Conspiracy against the Citizens of the United States
    10. No Separation of Powers from the Texas Executive Branch (Causal link to Judicial Corruption – the likes we Never Seen Before In Texas
    Since 1845 after corruption bankrupted The Republic of Texas)
    11. State Sponsored Attacks on Elderly, Sick, Disabled Housing, Education and Persons Rightfully Receiving Their Entitlements To Such
    Services By Life Long Payroll Deductions and/or Military Service
    12. States Sponsored Terrorist Threats
    13. Endangering Censorship By The State Forced Upon Professional Journalist And Once Credible News Media
    14. Investments In Porn Operations by those of State Public Trust
    15. State Sponsored Luxury Airlines Pathway To American Citizenship via Texas, While Billions of Federal Dollars paid to police the
    borders to stop Migrant Workers for crossing the Rio-Grande
    16. State Sponsored Pilotless Drone In Operation In South Central Texas Before FAA Regulations Approved Jeopardizing Passenger Plane
    17. Low Altitude Staking by Drone
    18. Low Altitude Staking by Domestic Surveillance Helicopter
    19. Electronic Exploitation including non-lethal weapons used on Texas Citizens
    20. No legal Representation for Those in Poverty, Receiving Social Security Benefits, or Those with Disabilities
    21. Denied Due Process Criminal Violations against the State Not Prosecuted or Investigated
    22. State Sponsored Political Targeting and Retaliation
    23. Privacy Violations Transmittal False, Misleading, or Manipulated Data
    24. Conflict of Interest State Sponsored Private Security Firms, especially Private Security Investigative Corporations
    25. Abuse of The 911 Patriot Act Against Innocent Texans and the Sharing of Data

    Allegations were reported to Texas Enforcement by Texans

    William Sessions X-FBI Director San Antonio Texas
    “We are trying to tell the world what the Rule-of-law Is!”

    “It is incumbent for law enforcement to police it’s own behavior (William Sessions)”

    We must Share We Must Find Ways To Do It (Sessions)

    Texas Sessions Multi Billion Dollar Sharing Program Attacks Innocent Persons
    Not One Terrorist Referral Except For the Governor of Texas For
    Engaging in Insurrection and Rebellion against the United States of America!

    We Are Just Trying To Tell Texas What The Rule-of-law Is!

  • “I believe and many other Texans that are known to me, and a matter of court record, are the victims of the ‘Texas Tea Party Rebellion April 2009′ founded by Texas Governor Rick Perry and reported at the time to law enforcement. Texas citizens were targeted as Political Adversaries, no matter what other reasons for due cause were used to target, were attacked by non-lethal weapons, lethal bio-weapons, gang stalking, terrorists threats, life threatening police swatting, targeted subjects of human experimentation, refused eligible benefit compensation, denied due process, hacking, endangering censorship, bio-location devices, mafia style attacks by rogue agents of an illegal militia, including attacks by military aircraft.” [Not All Inclusive Just Criminal Activities with Empirical Evidence]

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